COTD – 21st September 2011 – Leavanny EP

Today’s pick for Card of the Day comes from our latest set, Emerging Powers and is the very green Leavanny. Now Leavanny actually appears twice in the set, so the one I’m going to be reviewing is number 7 which could become an interesting card in competitive play.

At first glance we have ourselves a Stage 2 Grass type with 130HP, a single retreat cost and two attacks. This card has actually been spoken about quite a bit even though it has average looking stats for a Stage 2. The Fire weakness is going to hurt it a lot because of the amount of Reshiphlosion being played at the moment, but that shouldn’t be too much of a factor considering the main use for this card which we will get to later.

Leavanny’s first attack ‘Nurturing’ is why it has been getting some attention in the competitive world. The attack reads; ‘Choose 1 of your Pokemon. Search your deck for a card that evolves from that Pokemon and put it onto that Pokemon.’ This should remind a many players of a card from last format, Spiritomb AR, which had a very similar attack, but was much more powerful than this one.

For starters, Leavanny is a Stage 2, making it much harder to get out quickly enough compared to Spiritomb which was a Basic and Spiritomb also had an element of trainer lock in there as well to slow the opponent down. So it’s sounding pretty unfortunate for this Pokemon at the moment, but there is a possible use for this attack when you pair it with Mew Prime.

Mew Toolbox decks, also known as MewBox, make full use of Mew’s ability to throw any Pokemon into the Lost Zone and copy the powerful attacks of Pokemon such as Muk from Undaunted to create some crazy scenarios that your opponent will find tricky to break from. Where Leavanny could come in is to help with the second part of the deck which is Vileplume. On your first turn, instead of Lost Zoning an attacker with Mew’s ‘See Off’, you could select Leavanny as the target and use its Nurturing attack to finish off evolving that Vileplume quickly if it just isn’t sitting in your hand. This way you can still use the Pokemon to full effect, just like Spiritomb was last format.

The only problem with this is that it still is fairly slow. To be able to do the above, you will need to have an Oddish on the bench on the first turn and have a Gloom on the second so that you can use Nurturing into a Vileplume, which is very situational to say the least. When this gets going however, this could be a very effective way to get a Vileplume lock on as soon as turn two, but with the situational circumstances that come with it, it just may not be efficient enough to pull off every game.

So the first attack has some potential, but I’m afraid to say that the second really isn’t going to spark much discussion at all. ‘X-Scissor’ costs a Grass and a Colourless energy and does 30 damage, which isn’t too bad. The small print tells us to flip a coin and if the result is heads, you add 50 damage to that attack. Now this has become quite the powerful attack in relation to the energy cost, but that coin flip really does make a huge difference in damage output and can’t be relied on heavily enough to become a main attacker. Also, if Leavanny is being used in the way described above, it may be a bit too costly for that risk when there are other more suitable candidates for attacking. If not using the strategy above, Leavanny just may be that little bit too slow to do 80 damage, which Yanmega can almost equal with zero energy and being a Stage 2.

Overall, this card can provoke some pretty interesting combos when paired with Mew and could possibly see some competitive play if put into the right build, but otherwise I’m not sure we’ll be seeing too much of it. I’m going to give it a pretty average 5/10. The attack has potential, but the likes of Spiritomb from last format really makes this card look a little disappointing.

Artwork: As for artwork, it’s pretty nice. I’m not too familiar with the Black and White Pokemon, but I have always been a fan of the bug-like Grass Pokemon from the beginning. This one is actually pretty quirky and resembles a grasshopper in some way, but with more human-like features. It sitting on a tree captures it in its supposed ‘natural environment’ and the mountains in the background really top off the natural effect of the image. Looking pretty relaxed makes for a pretty chilled out Pokemon and I’m going to give the artwork a pretty nice 8/10. Simple, yet effective piece of art.

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