COTD – 25th September 2011 – Electrode Prime

Today’s COTD was released in the HS: Triumphant set and hasn’t really been considered for play at all in the competitive world until now and even so, it’s only in a few rogues. Let’s have a look at what this guy has to offer.

At first glance we have ourselves a Stage 1 Lightning type Pokemon with a fairly average 90HP, a single Poke Power, attack and an also average single retreat cost. This Pokemon also carries a pretty bad Fighting weakness, as the last Card of the Day did, which is going to put you are a severe disadvantage against any Donphan since they will be able to OHKO you with ease. Apart from that, Electrode is actually pretty interesting and let’s see why.

Its Poke Power is called ‘Energymite’ which is actually pretty lengthy so I’ll have a go at explaining it a bit simpler and clearer. Basically, at any time during your own turn while Electrode is on the field, you can knock it out and then reveal the top 7 cards of your deck. Each energy you find you may attach to any of your Pokemon in any way you like and the rest of the cards go straight into the discard pile. This is probably one of the most risky Poke Powers in the game at the moment since when it works, it could be great, but when it fails, it fails miserably, putting you in a horrible position for the rest of the game.

However, even with this risk, Electrode has seen some play in decks that need this fast energy acceleration and has been seen in decks such as Gothitelle, to get that Psychic Energy out fast, Zekrom, to get the T2 Bolt Strike and even ones including RDL to take 2 prizes a turn from the get-go. Another interesting strategy to go with this Pokemon is using it to not only attach energy, but go behind in prizes intentionally so that you can utilise Twins for the rest of the game. This kind of strategy will (hopefully) get your Pokemon full of energy while you are allowed to set up with one of the best search cards in the format.

Of course this comes with that huge risk and there isn’t any real way to control what you discard and what you hit from the top of your deck with this Power apart from maybe Research Record. That could be a little ‘safety net’ for you to make sure you don’t discard key things and make sure you hit energy, but there are still 3 more cards you can’t control which makes this too much of a risky play for highly competitive players.

So apart from the interesting Poke Power, we also have the attack called ‘Gigashock’. This attack will cost you a single Lightning and a Colourless energy to do a base damage of 30. This is actually pretty bad since the likes of Tyrogue and Minccino can do this for 1 or less energy, but there is some small print. However, it simply tells us that we can do 10 damage to two of the opponent’s benched Pokemon too. This could be nice in some limited situations, but nowhere near warranting it to be used in the competitive world. The base damage is low for the cost and even the effect doesn’t balance that out. Nothing to get excited about here..

Overall, Electrode is really all about the Poke Power and that carries the greatest risk in the game, potentially discarding a ton of your resources just for a few more energy drops and you’ll go behind in prizes. While the negatives can be swayed slightly by utilising cards like Twins, it is just too luck-based to make it big in the competitive world. I’m going to give it a rather disappointing 4/10. Many people would love to see this work, but this much luck really isn’t too welcome at the moment..

Artwork: I actually think that this Prime carries one of the most amusing artworks from the HS series. There isn’t much you can do with a PokeBall turned into a Pokemon, but the artist really has been creative with what they had. The cheesy smile and outrageous eyebrows have been a trademark of Electrode from the start and they have been accentuated perfectly along with the ‘Prime glimmer’ on its tooth to top it off. I’m going to give it a very nice 8/10. Just a really funny piece of art from one of the cheekiest-looking Pokemon around.

Thanks for reading today’s COTD and please vote below how you think this card fits into competitive play with the star rating system below!

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