COTD – 27th September 2011 – Alph Lithograph 4

Today’s Card of the Day is a rather strange one since it appears as a secret rare in the HS: Triumphant card and has a different appearance to the regular-looking Pokemon cards. This one is designed in a way that it is written in Unown Pokemon letters, still possible to be read by ‘humans’ and relates to the Ruins of Alph in one of the Pokemon games, which is a nice link.

At first glance, we have ourselves a trainer cards which allows us to simply look at your face down prize cards and them place them back down. This kind of action brings us back to last format where Azelf LA became the second most staple to Uxie for its ability to pluck Pokemon from your prize cards and swap it for a card in your hand. Now you can’t actually grab a Pokemon from your prizes with this particular card, but you will be able to control which prize card you take after you’ve used it.

With a rule implemented near the end of last season, you are now allowed to take notes during a game which includes your prize cards if you have used an effect to do so in the game either via Trainer, Supporter or Ability/Poke Power. In the past we could only put them in a certain order to try and memorise which one to take, but for those with bad memories such as myself, this didn’t really work all that well and taking notes was a great way to stop a lack of memory impacting the game too much. So with this card you will be able to look at your prizes, take notes of where they are and then place them back in any order you wish which could give you a good heads-up on the game if you know what you’re going to draw after a KO.

The only bad thing about this compared to Azelf is that this card is much harder to search from the deck than a simple Collector when Azelf was around. The only card that I can think of right now that can search out Alph Lithograph effectively would be Twins, which wouldn’t be such a bad idea in decks that already run a high amount of them such as Gothitelle or Ross’ Deck. If you know that something you need is prized, then searching out Alph Lithograph with Twins would be a great way to know what card to pick when you take a KO, however this is another problem, you have to be able to take a prize to get your card. It’s all well and good to know where the card you need its, but having to take a prize to get it could prove to be an issue if your position isn’t that great.

A cool idea thought of when Azelf was getting rotated was to pair this card with Rotom from HS: Undaunted which can use its Poke Power ‘Mischievous Trick’ to switch the top card of your deck with one of your prize cards. What you would do would be to play Alph Lithograph to look at your prize cards, which means you now know which one to grab and then use Rotom to switch it with the top card of your deck which means you will draw it next turn. The issue with this is that you are definitely going to have to wait a turn to draw the card you need unless you use something like Magnezone and there’s also the issue of your opponent using Judge to just shuffle your deck and ruin your whole plan. Add that to the fact that Rotom just becomes a bench sitter afterward and it doesn’t really seem worth it at all.

So overall, this card does provide us with something that really is lacking in this format or maybe we just took advantage of it while we had it? Either way, this combo is going to be too risky to pull of and wastes too many resources just to get that card out of the prizes. I’m going to give it a pretty low 4/10. There are other things that could be in place of this card in lists which will be much more effective than getting to look at your prize cards, but maybe something in the future will make this more playable..

Artwork: All of the Alph Lithographs have stunning artwork, but this one is definitely the best of the 4. The others are all pretty flat and just feature the alphabet in Unown on a kind of stone tablet, but this one is exploding out of the sides and out towards us which makes it look pretty epic. The cracks and folds in the rock just make look that much more realistic than the other Alphs which puts this one at the to of the pile. The only way I could of thought to improve it would to make it somehow holographic or textured like the Full Arts are now, but otherwise it’s a great piece of art. I’m giving it a 9/10 and the only thing stopping it from the top score is the lack of holo or textrue. It is a secret rare after all!

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  • Ash

    Alph Lithograph, Rotom, Cheren/Bianca. That is all :)