3rd and 4th place UK Battle Roads Reports with Reshiram/Typhlosion

Yo guys Oli here and because I have had a few requests on it, I will share a couple of tournament reports that I had with my Reshiram/Typhlosion deck that I put up on this site recently.

So for my first Battle Road for the entire season I decided to head to Rayleigh for two reasons, 1: I knew that everyone would go to Sutton Coldfield as its around the London area meaning a lot of tough players and 2: Its near where I live, so I wasn’t complaining. I didn’t go to the Battle Roads up in Nottingham and Manchester because they are each about 3-4 hour drives which would be very annoying for me. 

I get to the venue at 9am, (because on the Play! Pokémon website it said registration would start at 9am) to my annoyance though the venue didn’t open for a whole hour. During this time I met a couple of friends from my local area, a few people I met from last season, Luke Burke and Karl Blake with a couple of their friends. (For those of you who don’t know Luke Burke came in top 4 for seniors for the 2011 World Championships)

We get in at 10am and I then write my decklist, only to find out that the Organizer running the venue was selling full art Reshirams for £5 so I took 2 making the three I run now Full Art, along with a few other things meaning I had to re-write the decklist. The Organizer then says the tournament won’t start till 12:30pm. (I could have gotten 2 extra hours of sleep darn…) I then speak to Luke’s mum about where I came from and explained how I don’t have a league in my area, (my locals is mostly yu-gi-oh and Magic the Gathering orientated) she then explained how you could theoretically get to Nationals and Worlds with the new points system.

At 12:30 the pairings are finally announced, being 3 rounds and a best of three, plus with the lack of Seniors and Juniors, the Masters had to play them. (Wow this is really going downhill)

The first round was actually the longest for me because the other two opponents weren’t the best. (Trying not to sound cocky)

Round 1 vs. Matt playing Magnezone/Emboar

Game 1: He sets up 3 Magnezones and 1 Ability Emboar on turn 3, with my average to slow start. Midgame I slow him down with Typhlosion Prime discarding Lightning energy off his side of the field. Late game I stall with Reshiram and he mills himself.

Game 2: He sets up the same board as game 1, (I was cutting his deck throughout all this, even after he told me he only plays 3 Magnezone so that was jammy) fortunately for me I had a decent board by that time so a prize exchange started. Time gets called and he brings out a Kingdra Prime which he used due to a lack of Rayquaza/Deoxys Legend to take two prizes going into sudden death.

Game 3: I Mulligan twice and get Typhlosion turn 2 with Reshiram, I play Sage’s Training and I need to mill over Fire energy to win the game. I did not get the Fire energy and to add insult to injury he set up a Magnezone and Emboar for the game.


Round 2 vs. a Junior playing a random deck:

Game 1: I use Reshiram and Typhlosion to take 6 prizes in 6 turns (boring I know just wait…)

Game 2: Exactly the same thing (Literally, I’m not even joking)


Round 3 better be interesting you might be thinking….

Round 3 vs. Will playing Reshiram/Emboar 

Game 1: He told me that he got terrible prizes of 2 Emboar, 1 Ninetales and Rare Candy; I basically swept him with Reshiram using Blue Flare every turn.

Game 2: He mulliganed 3 times this game and I got everything turn 2. At the end of the game I won by catchering up a Rayquaza/Deoxys Legend and using 2 PlusPower and Blue Flare for the game.


Overall I came fourth but with so little players in masters there was no top cut. The standings for the day were this:

1st place: Karl Blake Playing Magnezone/Emboar 3-0

2nd place Jason Corrigan Playing Zekrom/Pachirisu/Shaymin/Tornadus 2-1

3rd place Luke Burke Playing Mew/Lucario/Cincino/Muk 2-1

4th place Oliver Barnett (me) Playing Reshiram/Typhlosion 2-1

That might not have sounded interesting but don’t worry, I’m doing another one because of how short the first was.

For my second and last week of Battle Roads this Autumn, I decided to head to Bexleyheath as it was the closest to my home area.

At 11:30am I picked up my friend Nathaniel who was going to come with me to the event because he wanted to go, and after a few sat nav issues we set off for Bexleyheath. We arrive at 1:30pm due to massive delays on the Dartford Bridge, (Hate that thing so much now) and we just managed to register. (Thank you Steve P’s Decklist Program)

It was 3 rounds for Seniors and Juniors and 4 rounds for Masters with no top cut. We also had best 2 out of 3 with 45mins per round.

Round 1 vs. Luke playing a random Water deck.

Game 1: I set up Reshirams and Typhlosions and after a while went knockout crazy.

Game 2: Almost the exact same thing as game 1. (This might feel annoying but don’t worry now I actually have to play with my head)


Round 2 vs. Jack playing Reshiram/Emboar

Game 1: I start with a good early set up, and his could be better, so I use Pokémon Catcher to seal the game up

Game 2: He gets a nice start getting turn 2, multiple Emboars on the field one Ability and one Bad Boar. I promote Cyndaquils to stall his turns while I set up. I eventually get rid of Bad Boar with Blue Flare, but as he sets up too many attackers for me to deal with, I lose.

Game 3: Time is called on turn 2 of this game and it’s 6 prizes each. He gets turn 3 of time meaning more opportunities to get prizes for him. On my turn of time I promote Cleffa and use Eeeeeeek to fall asleep needing a tails for me on his turn and a heads on mine. It stays asleep during my turn after the 3 turns meaning first prize wins. I play Juniper needing PlusPower and Junk Arm to get Catcher to OHKO a Reshiram on his bench and…. I get the 2 cards I need and win after a very close game.


At this point I heard that there was 4 2-0’s; Luke Burke, Karl Blake, James Sandler and Me. I knew what decks Luke and Karl were playing both of which are near autolosses for me, so I had to hope I was playing James and I was playing…

Round 3 vs. James playing Zekrom/Yanmega/Donphan

Game 1: He gets a god start with turn 1 Bolt Strike and my field got destroyed as a result.

Game 2: I outlast his Zekroms with my constant streams of Reshiram thanks to Revive and Rescue energy. This allows me to have a greater advantage midgame to take 6 prizes on smaller Pokémon such as Yanmega.

Game 3: He starts Shaymin which was fortunate for me because if he didn’t then he told me he would have gotten the turn 1 Bolt Strike, but then I go for the same tactic as game 2, grabbing cheap Blue Flare prizes and I eventually win.


At this point I know that I’m in the Top 4, but there wasn’t a top cut due to time constraints. However, I didn’t mind, I came for fun and getting Championship Points is nice. But I knew that since Karl Blake won his round I would be screwed here’s why…

Round 4 vs. Karl Blake playing Gothitelle/Reuniclus/Serperior

Game 1: He gets complete board control with 2 Gothitelles, 1 Reuniclus and 2 Serperior and realising it’s extremely unlikely that I will win out; I try to deck him out with Cleffa. But my plan fails by him playing Flower Shop Lady, which is a really random tech.

Game 2: I basically try to get rid of Solosis which then gives him Twins and then he gets the same set up as game 1.


Now I know I won’t win because Karl Blake is 4-0 but I will be in the top 3 for losing to the 1st place player. So here are the standings for the day:

1st place: Karl Blake 4-0 playing Gothitelle/Reuniclus/Serperior

2nd place: Luke Burke 3-1 playing Mew toolbox (Lock version)

3rd place Oliver Barnett (Me) 3-1 playing Reshiram/Typhlosion

4th place James Sadler 2-2 playing Zekrom/Yanmega/Donphan

Comment down below what you think of how I did and let me know how you did at your Battle Roads.

Thanks from Oli!

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  • Anonymous

    Good job, Oli. Thanks for posting this :)

  • oliver barnett

    cheers man, we need to actually meet up some time as i’ve been a fan of your work for a while now

  • oliver barnett

    btw it looks like this has been edited out alot sorry bout that

  • Anonymous

    I only changed a couple of words, so don’t worry about it :) Yeah we should.. I’m at the Prague Cup next week and then it’ll be Nottingham States that’s next if you’re going?

  • oliver barnett

    might head off to nottingham states then as getting to the prague cup for me won’t be easy. If I do go to nottingham i’ll see ya there

  • corabed

    I was at Bexelyheath too and the first two people you played there went to my league!

  • oliver barnett

    yeah i thought they were from a specific league, and i think i met you that day as well

  • Becca Mander

    “I knew that everyone would go to Sutton Coldfield as its around the London area”

    Sutton Coldfield’s in Birmingham, nowhere near London :)

  • oliver barnett

    Well the London lot do still go to places like there so you get what I mean XD