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Pre-release events for Noble Victories are now taking place, giving players a chance to get their hands on this new set early. This set contains a handful of much hyped up cards. These include Victini, Eviolite, and of course, N. N is a supporter card that, when played, forces both players to shuffle their hands into their decks. Then, each player draws a number of cards equal to the number of prizes they have left. As simple as it seems, this card has the potential to be game changing for us.  It will give slower trainer locking decks a new advantage that many other decks won’t be able to use.

The two deck archetypes I can see this being played in the most are Gothitelle and Vileplume. Each of those decks are very slow, often times falling behind early to catch up late game and take six straight prizes. If your opponent draws 5 prizes before you can draw any at all, you can play ‘N’ and force their hands down to just 1 card. This is extremely brutal, especially under a lock where you can’t play any trainer cards. Most decks struggle to knock out Gothitelle once the lock is set up with Reuniclus and by limiting your opponents hand size to just 1 card, you’ve probably destroyed any option they may have had to break through the lock, leaving you with the win.

Another thing worth noting about ‘N’ is that it can be used to cripple Yanmega in certain scenarios. This probably won’t work as well on Yanmega lists that run Magnezone, but it could be lethal against ‘Stage 1′ variants. Using the same late-game scenario as mentioned before, ‘N’ can be played to drop your opponents hand size down to one. If their active Pokémon at the moment is Yanmega or if they have a Yanmega ready to attack on their bench, they may have trouble using it with a hand size of just 2 cards after they draw on their turn. Unless they get a supporter to change that or use something like Magnetic Draw from Magnezone, they may not be able to match hand sizes and may not be able to attack.

‘N’ doesn’t make trainer lock decks perfect. Trainer lock is still a very slow strategy to run and if your opponent can overwhelm you before you can set up, having ‘N’ in your deck won’t make much of a difference. Still, ‘N’ is an incredibly helpful tool for Gothitelle and Vileplume. If you are currently running any kind of trainer lock, I would recommend including at least 1-2 copies of N in your deck. That number may change a bit as people find out what works and what doesn’t, but it seems like a good starting place.

While I haven’t been to my pre-release event yet (at the time of writing this), I did manage to get my hands on a theme deck that a local K-Mart put out early. ‘N’ seems to be included in both theme decks, making the card very easy to get a hold of. I tested it in my own Gothitelle build against a friend running ‘Reshi-Boar.’ It worked beautifully late game, forcing my friend to shuffle his hand full of energy back into his deck.  Because he couldn’t get his ‘bad’ Emboar powered up efficiently, I was able to keep knocking out his Pokémon using Gothitelle with little to no negative consequence.

‘N’ is also the first supporter card in our format to receive a full-art version! The artwork, as with the rest of the full-art cards, is pretty cool and I’m going to be trying get at least one of those as well as a full-art Victini.

Thanks for reading my article and good luck to everyone testing this card!

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