The First Update in a While..

First off, let me just apologise for lack of updates from me recently. I have been incredibly busy with City Championships every weekend along with all the DotDeck coverage I have been involved with over the past couple of weeks. This post is just to outline what I’ve been doing, what’s been updated already and what’s coming in the future for this site.

I want to start by thanking all of you that have contributed articles to the site over the past few weeks including Oli, PKMN Trainer Andrew, Jimskins and Zetta Slow just to name a few. Your articles have allowed me to keep the site alive while the Pokemon season carries on being as busy as ever.

If you don’t know already, I have been working behind the scenes and have created FIVE new The Testing Zone pages which now includes most decks from the new Noble Victories format, so make sure you check those out using the link to the right of here. My next planned page will be Donphan/Dragons since many of you have been craving it through the comments so follow me on the Facebook link below to keep as updated as possible!

As for the new DotDeck project, which you can check out over at we have a lot of games ready for narration today which will be released over the next few days. Me and Tommy Roberts managed to get a few great games from Crawley City Championships and those will be up on my YouTube channel as soon as me and Tom have recorded the narration for them. Nathan also managed to get the Finals game at Aldershot City Championships on camera so we will also have that up in the near future!

As for PokeClass, this is still going strong and due to the recent release of the entire Next Destinies set list, you can expect and episode tomorrow analysing all of the key cards from the set, definitely one to check out! PokeClass is going as strong as ever thanks to you guys commenting, liking and subscribing to my channel, which has now over 2,000 subs! More than I ever thought I would get when starting out and it’s still growing, so keep telling your fellow Pokemon players about the videos and this site and expect to see more content than ever being uploaded every single week!

For the future, I’m going to be keeping The Testing Zone updated with the release of Next Destinies and will also keep posting updates here when things happen on both my YouTube channel, this site and DotDeck to keep you as in the know as possible.

I think that’s pretty much all I have to say in this update so make sure you keep checking back on the site and also keep watching my videos like you all have been for over a year! Thanks to all of you and comment below what you would like to see in a video or on this site in the future.


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Posted by at January 27, 2012
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