PTCGO Indefinite Maintenance!

Hey everybody!

Over the week, we have had some news that may not have been heard by everyone and is pretty important. As many players out there know, the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online has been a recent addition to the game as we know it and has proven to be an extremely popular program indeed, used by new and veteran players alike for general testing and playing with other players when league isn’t there.

However, the development of PTCGO hasn’t been as smooth as we’d like it to be, but don’t forget it is still in Beta, which I think is pretty impressive since they are always working on getting bugs fixed as soon as possible. In spite of all of this, the PTCGO staff did make an announcement a while back that they were going to be ditching the current version of PTCGO, still keeping it online, but working on creating a brand new one from scratch with all bugs fixed etc.

And finally we have some news about this, but it doesn’t come as sweet as we would have liked. For a few weeks now, I’m sure people have been looking forward to the introduction of Dark Explorers to PTCGO, but this is not going to be happening at all. According to a new announcement by the people that run PTCGO (which you can find at the bottom of the page) they are going to putting PTCGO on an indefinite maintenance until the new version of the game is ready for release. Now the program isn’t going to be completely unfunctional, but we will be losing the PvP feature of the site, the main attraction! This is going to be frustrating for many players since the biggest tournaments of the year are coming up, Nationals, and any kind of play with their Nationals-ready decks would be good practice, with PTCGO being almost top of the list. However, this won’t be possible with this new announcement and I think they maybe did choose a strange time to do this as, after Nationals, all we have are Worlds and then a bit of downtime which could have been ideal for some actual PTCGO downtime too.

I do believe that this time for the PTCGO to be down is simply because of the bugs in the current version getting out of hand and with the new set being introduced, more bugs would be inevitably introduced with all the new mechanics so I understand that they didn’t want to bring us all a very half-hearted effort, which is great for us since it shows they are thinking about us foremost.

BUT, to whet your appetite for the release of the new program, which is hinted to be the end of May in the article below (which would be VERY nice) there is a screenshot below from that very article which shows us how nicely the new program is coming along. As for me, I wouldn’t have liked this news very much without the image below, but that image really sells to me that they are putting a lot of effort into making this program a lot better for us to use. The new interface looks a lot better and the new features along the top look incredibly inticing for avid players of the game, like myself.

With that screenshot, I must say I’m excited for the new version of the game and hopefully we see it later this month, if not, let’s hope it hits before Nationals! Hopefully they will have added a couple new features to get us looking forward to the new release like being able to play against specific players, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

If you would like more information about the official announcement then please click the link below!

Just a quick news update for those of you that didn’t know and episode 69 of PokeClass is rendering and will be with you in about 10 minutes! :]

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    sorry to be a jerk, but it is “whet your appetite.” not “wet”. You don’t want someone’s appetite to be moist.

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    Thanks :]

  • MissVerdanturfHoenn<3

    oh bummm:/ i was gunna do a load of PTCGO openings of dark exlorers:/