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Kyogre EX DE

Dark Explorers Pre-Release Report

The Canton Seviper League meets weekly in at a small pizza buffet called Stevi B’s. It has hosted every pre-release event for northwest Atlanta since HS Unleashed, and the venue has always been of adequate size. A few months... Read more
Gengar Prime

Featured Card: Gengar Prime (and its future)

Let’s take a moment to revisit Gengar Prime from the HGSS Triumphant set. Gengar is a Stage 2 evolved Pokémon with Psychic typing and 130 HP. It has an interesting PokéBody called “Catastrophe” which we will explore later and... Read more

Giant Ant Attacks Roswell City Championship

The 2011 City Championship for Roswell was at Tower Games, a convenient and comfortable location that works quite well for an event of this size. There were 36 Masters attending with probably half as many Juniors and Seniors combined. Due to... Read more