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Epic Comeback! (Sorta) Brooklyn City Championship Report

This time of the year is always extremely busy for me and for a lot of people.  There are the various holidays taking place, Christmas and New Years are the two big ones for me.  A lot of hours... Read more
Unown DARK

Featured Card – Unown ‘Dark’

Unown has a bit of a hit and miss record with the Pokémon TCG.  There were a handful of Unown that made for some pretty decent techs in a lot of decks in the past.  Unown Q with ‘Quick’... Read more

A Format Without Catcher – What Could Have Been

Before I begin, I just want to say that this article is just my opinion on what might have been more playable if Pokémon Catcher wasn’t currently everywhere in our format.  It doesn’t mean that it would have happened... Read more
Eviolite NV

Featured Card – Eviolite

Eviolite received quite a bit of hype when the card scans for Noble Victories were first released.  While it wasn’t a legal card as of the Fall Regionals and the European Prague Cup, it will soon be legal and... Read more

Featured Card – N

Pre-release events for Noble Victories are now taking place, giving players a chance to get their hands on this new set early. This set contains a handful of much hyped up cards. These include Victini, Eviolite, and of course,... Read more

Underdog Story – Autumn Battle Roads 2011 Report

West Islip, New York – 10/2/2011 Hello everyone, my name is Andrew and today I am going to be bringing you a Battleroads report from New York.  First, I would like to say thank you to PokémanDan for letting... Read more