Deck Founded: 2012 (HGSS-ND)
Other Names: CMT, EXTC
Top Performances: ECC 2012 Winner, Multiple State/Regional Championship wins 2012

Skeleton List

Pokemon – 10
T/S/S – 32
Energy – 14
4 Celebi Prime
4 Tornadus EP
2 Mewtwo EX
4 Professor Juniper
4 Professor Oak’s New Theory
2 N
4 Junk Arm
4 Pokemon Catcher
4 Dual Ball
3 Skyarrow Bridge
3 Pokegear 3.0
2 Switch
2 Eviolite
10 Grass
4 Double Colourless 

Spaces Available: 4

Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus is a deck that has taken full advantage of using big basics to deal big damage as quickly as possible. It has its own form of energy acceleration, Celebi Prime, by using its PokePower ‘Forest Breath’ to attach an extra Grass Energy per turn from your hand to one of your benched Pokemon. This paired with Skyarrow Bridge, to give your Basic Pokemon free retreat, really brings this deck into its own since it can attach an extra energy per turn and fully utilise Double Colourless energy to set up Mewtwo’s ‘X-Ball’ for 60 or Tornadus’ ‘Hurricane’ for 80 in just a single turn. The power of this deck comes in its speed and is easily the second of the best decks in format at the moment.

4 Spaces is going to be tight to possibly fit in all that you want to, but to be honest, keeping this deck as simple as possible really does make sure that it can consistently hit for fast and hard multiples of damage. However, here are some options that you have to spice up the list a little bit:

A 3rd Mewtwo EX: In most player’s cases, this card in multiples of three is hard to get at the moment, simply because of the price, but if you do have access to a third Mewtwo, then including a third is always a good idea. Since a lot of games are decided via a ‘Mewtwo war’ at the moment, if you have three of them and your opponent doesn’t, you are most likely to come out of that war on top, simply because you run more of the purple clone. Mewtwo’s ‘X-Ball’ should never be underestimated when it comes to other Pokemon either though since it can swiftly take out smaller Basics on the first turn and can also take on opposing big EXs by racking up a lot of energy in one go.

Regigigas EX: This card was once considered to be one of the worst EXs of the Next Destinies set, but this view has quickly changed since it has been included in tournament winning decklists on more than one occasion. This guy basically takes full advantage of nothing being able to OHKO it with an Eviolite attached, it can also hit for 80 on the first turn and has a very nice ‘outrage-esque’ attack that can deal monumental amounts of damage when being struck by an attack. Regigigas is going to be an issue for any deck that can’t consistently take it off of the field before it can retreat back to the bench and store damage for an onslaught of damage back on the opponent. If you can’t fit in a third Mewtwo EX, then try this one out instead. It has great durability against almost any competitive attacker out there at the moment and also adds to your early game attackers that can hit for 80 damage on the first turn.

Smeargle UD/CL: This guy came in handy in many builds before the rotation and was then almost forgotten about until Skyarrow Bridge hit the scene. With Skyarrow Bridge in play, Smeargle gets free retreat, which means he can copy one of your opponent’s Supporters and still be free to retreat to the bench after being used, regardless of what’s in your hand. This handy ‘Portrait’ PokePower will give you the crutch you need to stay in a game that you are running into bad hands with and can save you from the worst of situations. Definitely recommend running this over anything else since you can’t go wrong with adding even more consistency to your deck.

Shaymin UL: Shaymin has quickly become an incredibly versatile card in this format by allowing you to turn games around by moving your on-board energy to different Pokemon with its ‘Celebration Wind’ PokePower. Since your Double Colourless energy are impossible to move or save from the discard pile when the holding Pokemon is knocked out, it’s nice to have a way to preserve these Special Energy when a Pokemon of yours is close to getting KO’d, or for setting up a massive attack with Mewtwo EX later on in the game to overwhelm your opponent. It does have a variety of uses and can save you from situations where you would otherwise be stuck for energy so definitely try this one out.

Shaymin EX: To be honest, I haven’t done a lot of testing with this guy yet and don’t personally like including it in lists because I hate the possibility of starting with it, however, this guy can become an incredible late game finisher when you are stuck for energy and need to take down a big threat on your opponent’s side of the field in the late game. For just a Grass and Colourless energy, ‘Revenge Blast’ does 30 damage times the number of prize cards your opponent has taken, which means it is maxing out at 180, perfect for KOing any un-eviolited EX in the current format. In a close game, where both you and your opponent have taken it down to the wire in terms of prizes, you can easily power this up in a turn to finish of a normal Pokemon, or EX, to take a game that would otherwise be lost. However, do be wary that Shaymin EX only has a tiny 110HP, making it a very risky play if you do end up starting with it in any game.

PokeClass Deck Analysis:
This very decklist was shown and analysed in a PokeClass Episode! If you wan’t even more explanation about the deck with further information on how it works, how to build it and more techs you can include, then watch the video below!

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