Deck Founded: 2011 (HGSS-NV)
Other Names: CaKE, CoKE
Top Performances: 5 City Championship Wins

Skeleton List

Pokemon – 14
T/S/S – 27
Energy – 16
4 Cobalion NV
3 Kyurem NV
3-3 Electrode Prime
1 Cleffa HS/CL
4 Pokemon Collector
4 Professor Juniper
4 N
3 Twins
3 Research Record
3 Eviolite
3 Junk Arm
3 Super Rod
4 Special Metal
4 Metal
4 Rainbow
4 Water 

Spaces Available: 3

This deck is a completely new one from the release of Noble Victories, with the two main attackers being straight from the set. The idea of this deck is to get your 3 energy cost attacks powered up in just a few turns through the use of Electrode’s ‘Energymite’ Poke Power. What this Power allows you to do is look at the top 7 cards of your deck, discard all that aren’t Energy cards and then attach the energy you find to nay Pokemon on your field in any way you like. The cost for having to do this is that you have to knock out your own Electrode to use the Power, giving your opponent a free prize. However, this deck comes prepared with Research Record to control what you may be discarding along with Twins to take advantage of having to KO your own Pokemon and N to also make it harder for you opponent to make a comeback. The two attackers you have at your disposal are Cobalion and Kyurem which give you the option of either locking your opponent from attacking and hitting for 80, or hitting each of your opponent’s Pokemon for 30 damage. Either of these will depend on the deck you are facing up against, but a devastating amount of damage can be dealt with this deck in just a few turns.

3 spaces is really tight, but you do have a few options and a few choices of alternative attackers depending on your metagame. Here are a few ideas to get you filling the list:

Landorus NV: This card has recently risen in popularity quite quickly since it hasn’t really been played at all up until now. You can replace Cobalion in the list above with this card since it actually has a really nice synergy with Kyruem since Landorus’ ‘Gaia Hammer’ does 80 damage to the active and then 10 damage to every Pokemon, both yours and your opponent’s. What this does is hit Lightning Pokemon such as the popular Magnezone and Zekrom for a double Weakness KO as well as set up multiple KOs for Kyurem in following turns. If your metagame is full of Kyurem, then go for Cobalion since it can OHKO it, but if you’re locals are all playing Lightning variants, then go for Landorus since it will roll through anything that isn’t packed with a specific counter. Also note that ‘Abundant Harvest’ isn’t too bad of an attack in the early game as well to power up your Landorus if Electrode hasn’t happened yet.

Pokemon Communication: Communication usually isn’t seen in a deck revolving completely around Basics, but since you are running a Stage 1, you might want to consider 1 or 2 of these to make sure that you can get that Electrode out as soon as possible. This will boost your consistency and keep your first few crucial turns as speedy as possible since your deck needs to dominate the early game, or you will have a tough time taking control of the game.

Max Research Record and Eviolite: These two getting bumped up to four will make sure that you can control your top decks before you explode your Electrode which is very important since you can recover things like Pokemon and Energy with Super Rod, but Supporters won’t be recoverable so you can max Research Record to have as much control as possible over your Energymites. Putting more Eviolite in will make sure that you are able to keep your already bulky Pokemon alive for as long as possible while you keep spreading damage across your opponent’s board. Eviolite really does make it incredibly difficult for you opponent to take those crucial prizes before you are able to KO multiple Pokemon at the same time, so definitely consider bumping this up to max.

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  • Arr0wsting

    hey maybe add 1 absol prime for the chandelure matchup