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You can contact me via any of these means. I’m usually on PokeGym and YouTube the most so message me on those sites if you have any questions or anything you want to ask me.







You could even comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

  • Guest

    hey Dan great site . i really think you do a good job covering everything. i was wondering do you sell custom playmats like that u can print besides the magneboar. Thanks again

  • Anonymous

    I do sell custom playmats, but I don’t print them. I paint them by hand and it takes a fair while.
    Glad you like the site!

  • michael newman

    hello, i have a question for you. do you trade cards by mail or know of anywhere that has UK people to trade with? i am having problems finding people. well done on the site, it looks very good and has some nice features

  • Anonymous

    Glad you like the site. If you go to the PokeGym, they have a great trading section there were you can specify UK trades only, but there aren’t any specific UK trading sites.
    And I do trade by mail but I’m only really looking for Yanmegas and Kingdras at the moment.

  • michael newman

    thanks for the info, its a shame i dont have any of those to trade lol

  • gatarfan08

    hi pokeman dan i am a big fan you made me play competively and its lots of fun. i have deck i have that needs help do you think you can help me please? its a deck of blast-gatar with umbreon from ud with a hg-ss slowking tech i realy hope read this and get back to me about my deck

  • gatarfan08

    dear dan i am gatarfan08 i have changed email so please e mail me about my deck on my new e mail.

  • Garrettthibodeau

    hey Im celebi243 on youtube and email me about mats I will trade u games ok like black ops for xbox and gears of war plz email me

  • Seamus Bonner

    hi dan im a big fan of your work and seen that on the 6p members list that you played playtcg and i have always wanted to play against you so heres my chance im known as luxraygl on 6p and would love a match with you

  • Anonymous

    Hi dan i think You’re the best writer and commentator on youtube and 6p and would love for you to message me sometime on 6p.

  • Italiasfinest91

    dan your articles never disapoint me ever. keep it up! i love your stage 1 build the one for emerging powers. but im thinking of putting manaphy instead of cleffa. thanks again for being such a great writer.