Deck Founded: 2011 (HGSS-On)
Other Names: Goth
Top Performances: Multiple Battle Roads Wins (2011)



Skeleton List

4-1-3 Gothitelle
3-1-2 Reuniclus
1 Cleffa
2 Zekrom
4 Pokemon Collector
4 Pokemon Communication
4 Twins
4 Rare Candy
6 Draw Supporters
2 Junk Arm
2 Pokemon Catcher
1 Max Potion
9 Psychic
3 Double Colourless

Spaces Remaining: 5
This deck is probably one of the newest in the format, but it centers around the same strategy as ‘Ross’ Deck’ which took 2nd place at Worlds 2011. The unique thing about Gothitelle over Vileplume though, is that you can play your own trainers while your opponent can’t. This gives you a significant advantage over whichever deck you are playing against and makes your build a lot more solid in the fact that you can run trainers such as Pokemon Catcher and Junk Arm to take full advantage of your opponent. Reuniclus is in there so that you can keep Gothitelle in the active spot for the entire game. ‘Damage Swap’ allows you to move damage counters off of Gothitelle and onto big Pokemon such as Zekrom, as seen in the list above. You can then use cards such as Max Potion to heal off your damage and force your opponent to start again. This formula gives you a trainer locking tank that is ready to rip up the format.

Only 5 spaces here, but there isn’t a lot you can do with the build to make it your own without changing it completely. There are a few option below, however.

1-1 Blissey Prime: This card was featured in the original ‘Ross Deck’ as a source of healing off the damage you have received in the game so far. Its Poke Power ‘Blissful Nurse’ allows you to remove all damage counters from every Pokemon on your side of the field when you place it from your hand onto your bench, in exchange for discarding the energy off of the Pokemon you healed. This comes in very hand when your Max Potions are running low, or you can’t use them through Trainer lock. Even when the healing has occurred, Blissey still makes for a nice damage sponge when it starts to build back up again.


Seeker: Including this card gives you some more options for healing throughout the game. Being able to pick up a Zekrom with 120 damage on it will give you that space you need to start moving damage around again safely. This would be a card to consider if you are expecting to run across a fair few trainer lock variants since your healing methods will become very limited without the use of Max Potion and Junk Arms. You won’t need this in high numbers, possibly just the one at most since it uses your Supporter for the turn, but it is very useful in the late game when your resources are running low.


Tropical Beach: This one is a tricky one since it is a very nice card in the deck, but also very hard to get hold of. Being one of the Worlds promos makes this card quite expensive, but it is actually very playable in decks like these. Tropical Beach allows you to draw cards until you have 7 in your hand, but then your turn ends. This would usually be counterproductive in any other decks, but being able to draw cards while having trainer lock active means your opponent isn’t going to be doing too much to you next turn that you can’t deal with the turn after. Hand size starts to get quite low when you are fishing for those Stage 2 components and you’ll find yourself using this multiple times per game, possibly rather than attacking, just to make sure you’re set up to the fullest.


Jirachi UL/CL: This Pokemon is going to be an option in any deck that runs Psychic energy simply because it’s just amazing at grabbing energy back from the discard as well as having a pretty nice attack as well. ‘Stardust Song’ will allow you to power up Jirachi without the need for your attachment for the turn and ‘Time Hollow’ will give you a chance to devolve any Pokemon your opponent has set up with damage on to take easy KOs. The only bad thing about this card is that you’re going to have to break your own trainer lock if you want to use this attack so make sure it’s a game finisher.


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  • JoshA11

    A nice tech is 1 reshiram and 1 zekrom instead of 2 zekrom.

  • corabed

    I use Pichu in my Gothitelle… Yay or Nay?

  • Carl-Oscar Jaxhagen

    I read your deck analysis on this over at sixprizes and i must say it really gave me some inspiration to try and play it. With the release of Next Destinies and the “Psychic Mirage” Gardevoir i think this deck will be even more powerful. and considering the new Mewtwo EX…what do you think?