A Season Of Building LuxChomp: The English Way:

This article was my first written on SixPrizes and is currently sitting at the #2 ranked article of all time on the site, which I am really proud of. It’s all about how I went through building LuxChomp from the start of the season all the way up to States. The list included is actually exactly the same as the one I went to Top 16 with at UK Nats 2011. Click below to read at SixPrizes:

The Ultimate Guide to Inter-Nationals!

This article is a huge 10,000+ words long, but it covered pretty much every aspect of the MD-CoL format right before we played out UK Nats. The article highlights every old deck we had and how to beat them along with what I expected the metagame to look like. If you’re up for some now retro reading, check this one out at SixPrizes below:

Full Steam Ahead! Energy Acceleration in HGSS-On:

This article focused completely on how to get energy onto the board and fast! I go through pretty much every competitive way of getting energy onto the field to power up your attackers and currently sits as the #3 ranked article of all time. I really like this article and hope you do too since it’s fairly recent I would give it a read if you’re new or even familiar with the new format and all the option available to you. Click below to read at SixPrizes:

The Ultimate Guide to US Nationals! (Underground Exclusive)

This one was my debut on the Underground section of SixPrizes which was an absolute honour to be a part of. This article goes through every deck expected at US Nats 2011 and how to build and play against each one. It is a behemoth at 15,000+ words, longer than my previous ultimate guide. You’re going to need Underground to check this one out at SixPrizes below and please +1 if you like it to give me another opportunity at writing for the UG: