The New Testing Zone


Players that have visited here, old and new alike, will probably know how The Testing Zone works, but I have changed it a little bit so listen up. Before, the library of decks was in A-Z order, but as new deck were added and the metagame shifted, there was only so many times I could update every deck and the best ones weren’t at the top because of the A-Z nature of the page. So now, I have changed it into tiers and the rules are as follows for each tier:

Tier One: Decks performing well and taking tournaments everywhere. Will be updated every new set.
Tier Two: Deck that can do well, but not as consistently as Tier 1. Will be updated with every new set.
Playable Rogue: Rogues that rarely do well, but can still compete. Will be updated with new additions to the deck.
The Drop Zone: Decks that cannot perform in the competitive environment, but may have been in a past format. These lists may not have been updated for a while so may be outdated!

Zekrom/Eelektrik: Arguably the best deck in the format, taking many 1st places in all countries

Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus: Second to the BDIF title which focuses on hard hitting from turn one

Durant: This deck does have a bad reputation, but is cheap to build and highly competitive

Terrakion: Taking advantage of all those Lightning decks out there and it performs well against the rest too

Reshiram/Typhlosion: Still here from when HGSS-On began and can still compete with the big guns

Mew/Vanilluxe/Unfeazant/Vileplume: The new-age Vanilluxe can stall you into a victory and lock your opponent into submission

Magnezone/Eelektrik: The daddy of Zekrom/Eelektrik showed dominance at one point, but can still hit hard one those new EXs so this one isn’t out of competition yet.

Chandelure/Vileplume: EXs hitting for over that 130HP limit limits this decks success in this format

Cobalion/Kyurem/Electrode: Giving up free prizes and milling yourself isn’t too strong in this speedy format

Donphan/Machamp: Golden-oldie of the format. Donphan still isn’t bad but Machamp is too threatened by Mewtwo

Gothitelle/Reuniclus: Once reigning champ of the format is destroyed by Mewtwo EX

Kingdra/Yanmega: Way too much Lightning for this to succeed anymore

Magnezone/Emboar: Two Stage 2s? Isn’t going to happen too often without trainer lock

Reshiram/Emboar: Typhlosion is a much better and more flexible choice for this meta

Six Corners: Not enough corners to go round and they will get KO’d by the new EXs

Vileplume/Reuniclus/Dragons/Donphan: The 130HP barrier has been broken by the new EXs

Your Comments:
These pages can only expand with your help. Comment below which decks you would like to see added to the list and make sure you explore the library to add your piece of knowledge.

  • Rcompere

    donphan and dragons

  • Rcompre

    basically its donphan zekrom reshiram and the Good basculin as a tech

  • JoshA11

    No it is donphan zkerom reshiram and kyreume

  • richard

    yeah but until kyreume comes out basculin is in the deck

  • wangsta

    what deck ru putting up nxt?

  • Dinell Holmes

    These all seem like just Tier 1 and 2 decks. Will u be adding Rouge decks as well?

  • oliver barnett

    if you suck at this game then yes go ahead, to everyone with common sense play Zoroark, it counters Reshiram and Zekrom very nicely both of which are extremely popular

  • Anonymous

    Not many French red decks here

  • oliver barnett

    Learn to spell please, its actually not that hard. Also its nice to use Capitals when refering to Pokemon

  • JoshA11

    donphan dragona?

  • Ash

    pls add rogue decks

  • Kaisay

    I agree with the people in the comments. It would be cool to see a Donphan and Dragons article. Great articles by the way! Very complete and informational.

  • JoshA11

    Donphan dragons and Kyrugater would be nice to see.

  • Ahmen

    6 Corners

  • Moran368

    chandelure/Vileplume would be nice to see

  • chaunkmuffinz

    entei suicune ledgend and gatr prime

  • AgustiiM

    6 Corners!

  • Adrian

    update this!

  • Pokepoke

    What about Donphan and dragons?

  • William

    donphan dragons

  • Ronald

    yeah i agree donphan dragons, it is sorta a dark horse but can be a tough deck to beat

  • ZackLowe

    join the bandwagon everyone say donphan dragons

  • Ellissa

    yes donphan dragons all the way

  • Jkthejman

    Zekrom/Eelektrik would be nice to see:)

  • Lefieb

    donphana dragona

  • Soundsnake


  • Anonymous

    Dan I was wondering if you could take a look into a deck called Raichu Prime/ Eelektrik (some Thunderous too). Runs like Megnezone/ Eelektrik but is way faster and more reliable in terms of attaching energies, and possible faster at getting what you need out too.

  • RoyMustang

    because Eelectrik makes it so energy gets on the bench but Raichu is allow to move it around so that it can do massive amounts of damage. so far it is very consistant and very fast, and the energy recovery and attachments are always there. but i was hoping to have some of your input on it.

  • Jordonm08


  • Monferno


  • Chuck Rancor

    Hey Dan(or whoever can help me get this answered), is there a site that you can use for testing?

  • Habbo


  • Rcompere

    i think you should do terrakion deck screw donpkan

  • Jvwhit

    you shoud do mtc and mew ells

  • Anonymous

    Digging the new layout and looking forward to more decks…keep up the good work!

  • Mbickford

    Why is’nt zekrom in the drop zone?

  • PKMN Trainer Andrew

    I would say Durant is tier 1.5 – as in its tough to choose just where it belongs now =P

    I think people have found ways around it now – it has not been winning as much as it should. Cards like Skyarrow Bridge also made it difficult to disrupt with things like catcher.

    Still, a well played Durant can make the top tables.

  • Anonymous

    The site is looking great, keep up the good work…

  • Cannonballkuriboh

    I don’t see a link for the Mew/Unfezant deck, although it is listed….I play VVV, so I would love to see an article on the new form!

  • bulbasaur2010

    where is ZPST

  • Anonymous

    I know you’re a busy man, but when are you going to make Mew/Vanilluxe/Unfeazant/Vileplume available?

  • Jaelyn

    Hey Dan I got pikachu and I need help winning a pokemon
    battle and if you get this oh yea I forgot do you watch
    Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2003 and I watch your videos all
    the time and I trying to draw you Jemma grim ellie and Dr.Tryaurs.

  • Jaelyn

    Here is a Tip for you Dan 1.get a strongest pokemon and a
    energy card 2.Lay out the stongest to weakest Card and 3.then find the best pokemon
    that you like! thats all I know Dan sorry but thats it.This is helpful