Welcome to my new website/blog!

Hey all, PokemanDan here presenting you with my brand new website.
You may be thinking “Hey, didn’t you already have a website?” and by thinking that you would be correct, but I eventually took it down since it was very hard to update and I just felt it had too much on it.
Subsequently, I have created this ‘blog-style’ website for you all to get the low down on my daily happenings in the Pokemon TCG world.“So why should I check back here all the time?” you may be thinking and here’s why. This website will feature a lot more content rather than the weekly video including Card of the Days, Testing Results, Tournament Reports and many other ramblings that just wouldn’t fit into a video.
For example, I plan to re-release my Deck Surgery Mini-Episodes next Saturday (11th June) and by having this website up I can feature one decklist in a video and two more on here in a written form. This means that more of you get help on your decks as well as others being able to read through lists and gain some more knowledge about more and more decks.
I think this website will be very beneficial for all of you that already tune into PokeClass since it will have a lot more content than the last website and will expand on more topics than I can cover in a single video.
I hope you all like the website and keep checking back. Make sure you’re subscribed to my channel and following me on Twitter as well as checking back on this website for all the latest updates where you will hear it first, right here.
Drop me a comment at the bottom of the homepage to let me know what you think of this site.
I look forward to making this site a huge success.
Dan (PokemanDan)

Posted by at June 6, 2011
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