Six Corners

Six Corners
Deck Founded: 2011 (HGSS-NV)
Other Names: N/A
Top Performances: Numerous City Championship wins

Skeleton List

Pokemon – 10
T/S/S – 29
Energy – 15
4 Virizion NV
2 Kyurem NV
2 Terrakion NV
2 Shaymin UL
4 Pokemon Collector
4 Professor Juniper
4 Pokemon Catcher
4 Switch
4 Junk Arm
3 Eviolite
1 Super Rod
1 Super Scoop Up/Seeker
4 Rainbow
4 Grass
2 Water
2 Fighting
3 Double Colourless 

Spaces Available: 6

This deck was completely born from Noble Victories, as you can see from the Pokemon line up, and focuses on hitting for whatever your opponent’s weakness is every single turn. With the variety of huge Basic Pokemon you can use in this deck and the array of energy you run along with Rainbow Energy, you can use any Pokemon for any situation when you need a certain type to do the job. Since all of your Pokemon are Basic, you can abuse Eviolite, making your opponent work extremely hard for all 6 of their prizes since all of your Pokemon with have at least 130HP+ when Eviolite is attached. 4 Virizion may seem strange, but it is another high HP attacker that can also serve as a form of draw power in the early game. ‘Leaf Wallop’ also makes for quite a decent early game attacker as well when paired with the likes of Pokemon Catcher, which you run the maximum of. Kyurem and Terrakion make the most of the weaknesses that are the most prominent in this format at the moment, but there are a few more options you have to tailor the deck to your metagame.

6 spaces is a very nice amount to have in a deck like this since it give s you a lot more options to work with, but is kind of expected since you are making the most of a lot of Basic Pokemon here. Half the strategy here is predicting your metagame for the tournament you are going to and teching accordingly. Just including one Pokemon for a certain matchup will cause it to fall straight into your favour so here are some options for you:

Absol Prime: This card has been verging on competitive play for a while now, but it has finally found its place in a solid competitive deck. Since you are running Rainbow Energy, techs are easy to slip in for certain matchups and this one is for that pesky Chandelure. Since Chandelure is double weak to Dark and Absol can hit for 70 damage fairly easily, you can carry on OHKOing all the Chandelure you like with this tech. Sure, the downside of having to put your own Pokemon into the Lost Zone isn’t ideal, but you should only need this and an Eviolite to make it last the extent of the game. If you are expecting a ton of Chandelure, then I would even go for up to 2 in the list.

Cobalion NV: This is another complete metagame call since it doesn’t cover a lot of bases by itself, but this member of the musketeer trio can help you out against Kyurem and even Beartic if that becomes an issue. Cobalion and Kyurem usually find themselves in their own deck together, but the fact that Cobalion can OHKO Kyurem with either ‘Iron Breaker’ or ‘Energy Press’ if there’s enough energy on board, makes this an ideal contender for a meta full of spreading Dragons. You may want to slip a could of Special Metals in your list in favour of energy you may not need to use if you take out one of your techs, but otherwise another very versatile attacker with a high amount of hit points.

Zekrom and Reshiram BW: These two seem to come in pairs when talking about type coverage. They aren’t going to be used for their big 120 damage attacks here though, this time it’s about ‘Outrage’. Popular Pokemon such as Tornadus and Cobalion are weak to both Lightning and Fire respectively which gives good enough reason to consider both of these as potential tech options. Again, deciding to put either of these in your list will completely depend on what you are expecting to play against throughout the day and Lightning/Fire weaknesses aren’t as popular as they were before, but there are still small threats out there that these two popular dragons can deal with.

V-Create Victini: Can feature in this deck as an extremely simple and rather fast attacker for the early game and for some Fire type coverage thrown in too. Since all of your Pokemon are Basic, you can easily search them out with Pokemon Collector and then safely bench them to fuel ‘V-Create’ and then start hitting for 100 anywhere you like. This attack actually pairs quite well with Virizion’s Leaf Wallop since you can start spreading 40 and 80 damage around the board in conjunction with Catcher in the early game and then clean up with some swift 100 damage attacks with Victini. It’s up to player preference, but is certainly an option for those more aggressive players out there.

Spinarak HS: Yes, it’s back. This Pokemon featured back when the format began at US Nationals, with players taking full advantage of people running up to 4 Cleffa in a deck and being able to lock it there for the entire game until time. By using ‘Spider Web’, you can lock your opponent’s active from retreating the next turn without doing any damage. This is also another answer to Chandelure decks since they will never run Switch (in the trainer lock version) and will almost always start using Cleffa to start setting up their Stage 2s as soon as possible. It’s a very gimmicky card, but can seal games in the first few turns since your opponent will be caught completely off guard and find themselves in an unwinnable situation with Cleffa just locked in place. This is definitely a quirky choice for those of you that want to be a little more adventurous with your list.

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  • Dinell Holmes

    never understood why ppl dont use Dratini TU over spinarak! Dratini’s attack does both of spinarak’s attacks at the same time!

    Ok, sure 3 turn ko on (non-sleeping) babies might be “bad” if u want to stall for like 16 turns, but if ur stalling that long, ur prob not going to get a better setup cuz u just fail. :P (jk, but still…)

  • Patrick D Glynn

    I built this deck back around the 10th or 11th and took it to the last Cities I was able to go to and actually won the whole thing. My final opponent was actually running a 4-corner version of the deck with zekrom, terrakion, cobalion, and absol. This deck is awesome!!

  • Aaron Minjoot

    Actually, you DO want to stall that long, if you have to. The Baby will just be locked in place with no way to get out, and all you gotta do is wait till time is called, retreat, get the prize lead, and win the game.