New Black and White Expansion Announced!

Hey all, Dan here with some exciting news for you. has officially released information about the new set we’re going to be receiving in August. The set is going to be called ‘Black and White: Emerging Powers and will hopefully feature the rest of the Black and White Pokemon we were missing from our current set.
The set is going to feature around 90 cards and have the Full Art Legends of Tornadus and Thundurus. The booster packs have also been reported to include the newest booster codes for the official release of the Pokemon TCG Online which is very exciting news. This means that all of us will be able to collect cards in the virtual world to play against others in the full version of the game. If any of you haven’t checked it out yet then I would suggest that you do if you’ve managed to grab some beta code packs.

This new set is reported for release on the 17th of August 2011 and will debut with the traditional count of 2 Theme Decks entitled ‘Power Play’ and ‘Toxic Tricks’ also with a free booster pack inside.
This set is looking to be a very exciting addition to our new format with people speculating that cards such as Beartic and Pokemon Catcher will be released, making a big impact on the game as we know it.
For more info on this set, make sure you check out my episode on Saturday since I will be covering it in that along with more images.
Here are some images of the theme decks being released with this set:

Make sure you check back later in the day for my COTD and thanks to all of you that check out the site and comment etc.

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  • Anonymous

    I like the new art work for the new black and starter decks.Tornadus and thundrus is going to make this really intresting for future decks.thanks for the news.

  • Anonymous

    I think what's exciting me the most is that both the theme deck cards in the image above, as far as I know, haven't been released in Japan. I'm interested in finding out if these cards are part of the Red collection due to be released in Japan soon, or if this set will contain previously unseen cards.
    Especially the Krookodile (WHAT CAN YOU DO ONCE DURING YOUR TURN !!!! xD)

  • ApokemonTrader

    catcher and tornadus in a zekrom list…bye bye donphan, if beartic doesnt already scare it out of the format…either way, i cant wait