Warning About Possible Wierdness..

Hey everybody, first off I would just like to thank all of you that visit this website every single day. My views are going up every passing day and all I can say is a huge thank you to all of you that keep visiting and are sticking by to view the updates and COTDs etc.

This little post is just a warning about some possible wierdness that may occur with the site while I make a transition over to the new layout. The new site is already looking incredible and the content is just being filled up to the brim with all you need to know about decks, strategy, cards and everything else.

A couple of the new features will include a login page so that hopefully you will all be able to discuss topics much easier as well as get in contact with each other. I have also got plans to make a Video Game part of the site for those of you that are interested in that. I’m personally clueless about the VG, but have contacted a few people that are in the know and should have some really nice content to give you later on. All TCG stuff will be online with massive updates to an ALL NEW Testing Zone which will feature a lot more decks, techs and features in the future. I’m also thinking about monthly competitions to win cards/VG Pokemon etc, which should be sweet.

So hopefully that has wet your appetite for more TCG and now VG goodness and just hope that you bear with me while the transition occurs. If anything completely breaks, then please let me know via my YouTube Personal Message box and I will get back to you straight away. Thank you all for your patience and support with the site and comment below if there is anything else you want to see added to the site.

Thanks again and happy browsing,


Posted by at September 24, 2011
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  • http://adamcap.com/ Adam Capriola

    Cool man! Good luck with the redesign – I’m excited to see what you come up with. :)

    All done on WordPress, right?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks and yeah all in WordPress like this one. It’s just too good for things like plugins that save a load of time on a lot of things :)

  • http://adamcap.com/ Adam Capriola

    Cool! If you’re starting a community type portion, I know there is bbpress – http://bbpress.org/- and buddypress – http://buddypress.org/ – which you could look into. I haven’t looked into either one too extensively lately, but I’d honestly like to get 6P off of vBulletin for the forums and using just WordPress stuff. WP is so awesome!

  • Anonymous

    I would like to intergrate some form of ‘community’ too.. but bbpress seems to break my wordpress for some reason. Might just get my own hosting since it’s pretty cheap actually, like you mentioned.
    I agree with you on the awesomness of WordPress :D