Testing Zone

Welcome to the Testing Zone!
Here you will find links to an ever increasing library of decks which each have their own pages on this site. Each deck will have a complete skeleton along with a section to discuss with fellow players about tech options along with information about how difficult the deck is to play and other useful info.

The library is obviously going to start off small, but give it time and the list will gradually get bigger and bigger. Get testing!




The deck that has quickly become one of the best decks in the current format. Being able to snipe and hit the active quickly with Yanmega along with spraying extra damage around the board with Kingdra makes this deck a top contender. Click the image to see its info page.




This deck has already made a huge splash at the few events we’ve had in the HGSS-On format. Fast damage with Yanmega paired with consistency and hard hitting Magnezone provides makes this a winning deck choice. Click the image to see its info page.




An extremely fast deck that has shown great promise in the competitive environment. ZPS features Zekrom as the main attacker, Pachirisu to get those energy on the field and Shaymin to move those energy onto your attacker. Click the image to see its info page.




Once thought to be the best deck in the format can still pack a punch while staying consistent, even when setting up 2 Stage 2s. With Emboar piling on energy to Lost Zone with Magnezone, you’ll be hitting high amounts of damage with this one. Click the image to see its info page.




Possibly considered anti-meta, but this deck packs a serious punch when set up both in the early and late game stages. Donphan provides you with fast damage while setting up your Machamp Prime to bust out over 150 damage to finish the opponent off. Click the image to see its info page.




I’m going to consider this as an up and coming contender for Worlds 2011. It has strong matchups across the board with its ability to hit for a consistent 120 every turn. Pair this with a consistent form of draw and you have a very hard hitting deck. Click the image to see its info page.




A proven contender taking victory and the runner-up spot in two divisions at US Nats 2011. It has the ability to start taking prizes as soon as turn 2 with a range of different Pokemon to utilise depending on the situation. Click the image to see its info page.



Your Comments:
These pages can only expand with your help. Comment below which decks you would like to see added to the list and make sure you explore the library to add your piece of knowledge.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see an analysis of donphan/machamp. Just wanted to say that the website is looking really good, keep up the good work.

  • pokeplayer04

    i would really like to see a yanmega donphan zoroak analysis since it won seniors and got second at masters

  • Bananaman91723

    I think ReshiPhlosion should be next as its gonna be a worlds contender and already had a good showing at Nats

  • Anonymous

    Donphan/Machamp is now online :)

  • Anonymous

    I agree. It’s going to be a big deck for Worlds so that will be up next!

  • Anonymous

    This will follow after ReshiPhlosion since it is obviously a very solid contender.

  • Jon

    TYRANITTARRRR + Variants.. Toolbox, serperior, and the fact that it’s BDIF -cough cough-

  • n1ghtmare90

    i think it would be cool if you put the total count for pokemon TSS and energy so its easier to see extra space

  • Bla

    Can you do blastoise/floatzel. i have a kick butt deck and i would love to see a breakdown of how to use it to its max potential

  • yo face

    What about ResiBoar?

  • Manny Zamudio

    I think ReshiBoar is still a contender for Worlds. You can’t ignore the epicness that is Inferno Fandango. :)

  • wangsta

    How about a Serperior Reuniclus list

  • James

    Wheres Garados?!!!!

  • mask demasque


  • Anonymous

    I will add in a ‘Spare Slots’ part for each page. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Anonymous

    This is the next deck to be added as a more general ‘Mew Toolbox’ section. Will be up this week!

  • wangsta

    what is the next decklist your putting up?

  • sablelock

    mewgar still has some popularity I think that would be interesting

  • MrThingie

    Got any decks planned for the next set?

  • Bbb

    do lostgar

  • Kok

    why adviceoak?

  • Jelze

    Any chance of Donphan/Zekrom/Reshiram? I’d really like to hear more about that deck. Love the skeleton lists on the site, and love PokeClass

  • Reshiboarfan

    How bout reshiboar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • woyoho

    what about: simibuzz

  • woyoho

    weres madibuzz decks:
    and mine simibuzz and others simibuzz-(simisear/manibuzz)

  • iMB

    What about the deck with came second at Worlds. It was using Zekrom, Donphan, Reuniclus and Vileplume if I’m right.

  • Myleslim

    MewBox pls

  • wangsta

    how come you dont put up any deck lists anymore???

  • Anonymous

    I am doing massive updates to this site in the next week and I’m sure you all won’t be disappointed :D New deck lists and updates to come..

  • Aaron Minjoot

    Hoping you could still do Reshiboar even after post-Cather sentiment seems to put many people off it. It’s the deck I’m testing now and will be the only deck I’ll use at BRs. :)

  • Josh

    kingdra mandibuzz?

  • Aaronwang73

    thats cool

  • JoshA11

    You need to put some more up! some ideas maybe= Ross Cawthons deck, Reshiram embour, Mewplume, and Gothetell reuniclis

  • http://pokemandan.co.uk PokemanDan

    The new site should be live in the next few days with those decks you mentioned on the testing zone :)