Deck Founded: 2011 (HGSS-NV)
Other Names: MagneEels
Top Performances: over 15 City Championships wins 2011

Skeleton List

Pokemon – 17
T/S/S – 27
Energy – 11
4-2-3 Magnezone Prime
3-3 Eelektrik NV
1 Thundurus EP
1 Cleffa HS/CL
4 Pokemon Collector
3 N
3 Sage’s Training
2 Professor Oak’s New Theory
3 Rare Candy
4 Pokemon Communication
4 Junk Arm
2 Pokemon Catcher
2 Switch
11 Lightning

Spaces Available: 5

Magnezone is slowly becoming arguably the best card in the format right now since it can hit for an unlimited amount of damage, has built in draw power and bears a massive 140HP. What Magnezone actually lacks in this format is a way to accelerate energy quickly enough to power up its attack ‘Lost Burn’ to do massive amounts of damage every single turn and that is where Eelektrik comes in. ‘Dynamotor’ is a very simple but powerful Ability that allows you to attach a single Lightning energy per turn from your discard pile to one of your benched Pokemon. Attaching to the bench usually doesn’t help out much when your main attacker is usually in the active spot, but since Magnezone can fuel Lost Burn from benched energy, then it makes sense that this Pokemon has become the perfect partner for it. Because of both Eelektrik and Magnezone’s rather high retreat costs, we have a couple of Switch in here with the max amount of Junk Arms so that we can effectively get both out of the active spot if Catchered up, conserving energy.

5 Spaces in a skeleton of this format really isn’t that bad and gives you a few options on what you want to run to make the list your own. Here are a few ideas for you:

Zekrom BW: This is just another powerful Lightning type to add to your arsenal. This could either be set up while you get a Magnezone going to start doing 120 damage to your opponent’s field, or can be set up when your Magnezone is about to hit the discard pile so you can follow up with another huge attack. Zekrom can be fuelled from the bench with Eelektrik when you have spare Dynamotors to use and can hit hard when you need it most.

2 Rescue Energy or 2 More Lightning The right amount of energy is quite difficult to find when building a deck for the first time, but around 11-14 seems to be correct here since it’s being used a fair bit. The option you do have though is running either just all Lightning Energy or a couple of Rescue Energy in there too. The Rescue will give you more options during the game such as recovering Magnezones that are getting close to KO, or save those Eelektrik back to the hand when they get dragged up with Catcher. The only downside is that you may be drawing into these or discarding them instead of Lightning energy so it comes down to whether you actually find yourself needing recovery in there or not.

4th Sage’s Training or N: You are going to need a lot of of draw power in there to get going as soon as possible. The good thing about this format is that we do have a lot of Supporters that help to draw cards while discarding at the same time, perfect for getting your Lightning Energy in the discard pile to attach later on. The choice you do have to make here however, is whether you want more disruption or more set up in here since N can save you from games and keep your opponent limited while you keep topping your hand back up, but Sage’s Training can help you to set up a lot quicker. The choice is up to you, but I would suggest choosing one or the other so that you have a good amount of Supporters in the deck.

Cryogonal NV: This is a rather new discovery, but is definitely an anti-metagame choice depending on what others around you are playing. This card is the perfect Donphan counter which is probably this decks main problem since it will be OHKOing every one of your Pokemon since they all have x2 Fighting Weakness. What Cryogonal does is OHKO Donphan quicker than it can start KOing you and gives you an answer to the large elephant. Obviously, you will have to trade out 1 or 2 Lightning for either Rainbow or straight Water energy to account for its energy cost, but it is certainly worth teching in if your metagame has a few eager Donphan players out there.

More Thundurus: An even newer card to the competitive scene, but has been around since the release of Emerging Powers. This card can give you a turn 2 80 damage through attaching an energy, using ‘Charge’ to search one out of the deck and attach it and then attach one the following turn to start KOing Basics. This is an incredibly nice option to have and gives a little bit more speed to the deck while you set up your Stage 2s on the bench, made even better by the fact that you have to put a single Lightning Energy from Thundurus into the discard pile, helping you out later on. There’s already one in the list, but I would consider adding another 1 or maybe even 2 to keep that early game pressure on.

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  • Seamus Mark Bonner

    hi dan would you mind if i used this decklist as a decklist of the week on my website it is for selling cards so i would like to upload this decklist

  • Sully

    I run this deck, with a Pachirisu Tech(and more often than not Shaymin) incase im a slow Starter

  • Bryan Espinoza64

    Curious if you could post a link to your website, as I’m always open to looking for new sources.