Deck Founded: 2011 (HGSS-On)
Other Names: MagneBoar, EmbZone
Top Performances: 2nd Mexican Nats 2011, Top 16 US Nats 2011, 1st Worlds 2011


Skeleton List

3-1-3 Magnezone Prime
3-1-3 Emboar BW#20
2 Cleffa HS
1-1 RDL
4 Pokemon Collector
4 Pokemon Communication
4 Junk Arm
4 Rare Candy
4 Draw Supporters
2 Energy Retrieval
1 Switch
5 Lightning
10 Fire

Spaces Available: 4
This deck was originally thought to be the best deck of the current format. It hits hard and relatively fast for a couple of Stage 2s. It hasn’t taken any huge titles (prior to Worlds 2011), but it performs well as an all-rounder when you have the chance to set up. Magnezone is there as the main attacker through ‘Lost Burn’ and keeps the deck drawing with ‘Magnetic Draw’. Emboar sits on the bench allowing you to attach multiple Fire energy on the field with ‘Inferno Fandango’ which gives you more than enough ammo for high damage output. Using Rayquaza/Deoxys Legend (RDL), you can take two prizes in one go after setting it up in a single turn thanks to Emboar. The deck has a lot of answers and is unstoppable once it gets going.

The deck list here is very tight and doesn’t allow for much creativity. There are cards that will work great in this deck, but they are extremely hard to fit into a deck that can suffer from clunkiness already.


1-1/2-2 RDL: This Legend is actually one of the more playable ones out there simply because it can turn your 6 prize game into just 5 prizes for you simply because this can take two prizes every single time it KOs one of your opponent’s Pokemon. ‘Ozone Buster’ costs just 3 Fire energy and a Lightning which is all energy you already run and the Fires can be attached in a single turn through Emboar’s ‘Inferno Fandango’. In exchange for all of this energy, you get to attack for a massive 150 damage, KOing pretty much every Pokemon in the game at the moment all you have to do in exchange is discard all Fire energy attached to RDL after you have attacked. This is a small price to pay for the pretty much guaranteed KO you get when using Ozone Buster, but this card gets 100% better when you read the PokeBody it carries. ‘Space Virus’ simply states that every time you take a prize with Rayquaza/Deoxys Legend, you get to take 2 prizes instead of just the 1. This means that every 150 damage attack from RDL that KOs an opponent’s Pokemon, you get to take 1/3 of your prizes. This pretty much makes your game that single prize easier to win and being able to set it up in one turn just makes it a perfect candidate for this deck. Try it out if you’re looking for a ton more firepower!


Rescue Energy: This card can crop up in pretty much any deck that runs Stage 2s you may want to recycle during the game simply because they are so hard to recover when it gets put into the discard pile. By attaching this as your normal energy attachment for the turn to either Magnezone or Emboar, you will effectively have an extra copy to utilise when it gets KO’d because it will bounce back to your hand rather than hitting the discard pile. Some games it’s going to be tough to keep on top of getting your Magnezones out quickly and efficiently so having the rescue attached can really aid you in keeping the flow of Magnezones pretty consistent when one gets KO’d. Also, since Emboar is going to become a pretty popular target for Pokemon Catcher, you may want to protect it a little bit when it gets stuck in the active spot. Start building a Pignite on the bench, attach a Rescue Energy to your active Emboar and hopefully you’ll be able to put it straight back down next turn if the KO occurs.


Twins: Twins is a pretty new inclusion to the deck and has become an almost staple in pretty much every build now because of the threat of Pokemon Catcher and it just allows you to grab those Rare Candy and Stage 2s as efficiently as possible when you are down in prizes. Since the deck is slow and you want to fall behind early on to use Twins, using more Baby Pokemon such as Cleffa isn’t such a bad idea since you want to lose that prize. Not only can Twins bring you those Rare Candy you need to piece together your winning strategy, but it can also grab you the full Rayquaza/Deoxys Legend if you really need to take the last two prizes when close to a loss, or just tip the game into your favour by taking those two prizes. Either way, a slow deck combined with Twins really does bring it up to speed to bring the powerhouse that is this deck together.


Fisherman: This card is strictly for the late game if you’ve managed to burn quite a few energy into the discard pile via retreating or just getting KO’d. By being able to grab up to four fire energy back from the discard pile means that you can attach them straight back onto the field for a huge ‘Lost Burn’ or even an ‘Ozone Buster’ if you grab back some Lightning energy as well. This card just makes sure that you have that little bit of firepower left when you need to take a crucial prize on a big attacker.


‘BadBoar’: ‘But this is from a theme deck?!’ is exactly what I would expect you to be thinking right now and you won’t be mistaken. Even though this sits in a theme deck as a rather cool ‘shattered glass’ holo, it can actually be a huge attacker when paired with its ability counterpart. 140/150 damage seems to be the magic number that most Pokemon need to reach to start OHKOing the biggest of opponents and this Emboar can do just that along with being powered up in a single turn thanks to ‘Inferno Fandango’. This Emboar’s ‘Flare Blitz’ can knock out Magnezone, Yanmega, Donphan, RDL, Reshiram, Zekrom and even Emboar when need be to take a really crucial prize in a game. Think of including it as your third Emboar instead of the one with the ability if you are expecting a lot of the mirror and anything with Donphan and the Dragons since it will be able to OHKO everything in their deck whilst they struggle to take you down with a huge 150HP. Keep on the lookout for Zoroark’s Foul Play though ;)


Reshiram BW: One of the incredibly strong dragons from Black and White can serve an attacking purpose in this deck since it can be powered up in a single turn via ‘Inferno Fandango’. ‘Blue Flare’ will be able to KO pretty much anything in the early to mid game to grab you some early prizes against decks that take a little longer to set up than you. Since it’s a Basic, it’s pretty easily searchable and has no setting up to do other than get energy onto it with Emboar. Even if Blue Flare isn’t used, ‘Outrage’ can still be extremely viable if your opponent can’t one-shot this huge dragon since and attack of 50 or more can turn into quite the nasty return KO when you add on the Outrage base damage. Being able to fall back on an attacker like this when Magnezone isn’t ready yet really does improve the early game of this deck.


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  • Sterlin Miller

    Do you think using team rockets trickery for the 4 draw supporters is a good idea since it kinda its disrupts?

  • Jjgarcia8285

    I was thinking of using flower shop lady so you could at least get some pokemon back into the deck and if you have energy in the discard so you wont deck out. Other than that this deck runs great

  • oliver barnett

    The issue with Flower Shop Lady is that it takes up your supporter for your turn, and often enough you will not need the recycling of the Pokemon anyways

  • oliver barnett

    So you want to play a Bill card huh? because that is what Rockets Trickery is Bill + your opponent discarding one. Good players play good cards and not Bill or anything that has the text draw two cards supporter

  • Jjgarcia8285

    Well its cause i played itthis past weekend and went 3-2 i couldnt find a way around the gothitelle/reuniclus it trainer locked me from using rare candy and couldnt draw into my magneton so ifk if i should use more magneton or any ideas could help

  • oliver barnett

    what Magnezone line are you playing?

  • IMysteriousBlank

    Love this deck! Came second at Regionals with it yay! Though to be honest though, in the skeleton, you don’t need the 2 Energy Retrieval or the 4th Junk Arm, would much rather raising the Switch line to 2 or maybe even 3, IMO. But personal preference really goes there :/ Great article though ^^