Deck Founded: 2011 (HGSS-On)
Other Names: Ross’ Deck, Ross Lock
Top Performances: 2nd Worlds 2011

Skeleton List

3-2-2 Vileplume UD
3-2-2 Reuniclus BW
2-2 Donphan Prime HS
1 Cleffa HS
2 Pichu HS
2 Zekrom BW
4 Twins
4 Pokemon Collector
3 Rare Candy
3 Pokemon Communication
2 Seeker
6 Draw Supporters
4 Double Colourless
4 Rainbow
2 Fighting

Spaces Available: 5

This deck carries probably one of the most complicated strategies to come with a competitive deck which is why it took everyone by surprise at Worlds 2011. The first section is Reuniclus with its ‘Damage Swap’ Ability which allows you to move damage around your field as freely as you like, as many times per turn. This means that any damage you have suffered can be moved over to a bigger Pokemon such as Zekrom, or be manipulated to be healed with some of the tech cards to follow. Zekrom is there for storing damage and attacking for huge damage with ‘Outrage’ when needed and Donphan Prime is there to get the damage flowing quickly as well as being a quick attacker. The final piece of the puzzle is Vileplume, which can stop your opponent dead in their tracks from playing around half their deck, making it impossible to rack up the damage they need for OHKOs. This deck thrives off of controlling the opponent’s damage output and will have you locked down completely by the end game.

As you can see by the amount of spare spaces, this deck is extremely tight, probably one of the tightest out of all the decks on The Testing Zone, but there are a few things you can do to tweak it to your own playing style.


Tropical Beach: Probably one of the most expensive ‘tech’ cards on the market at the moment comes in the form of the Worlds 2011 Promo, only given out to those that attended Worlds that year. Unlike many other participation Promos, this one is actually really playable in the format right now since it mimics the likes of Uxie LA in the way that you can draw cards until you have 7 in your hand. The only downside is that you have to end your turn straight away. Now ending your turn without attacking seems a pretty bad choice for most decks, but with this kind of deck, which relies on Twins for set up, it’s actually quite a good source of draw power. In a format that lacks any kind of ‘splashable’ draw power, this card can work wonders while your opponent is under trainer lock and Zekrom is in the active position, just soaking up that damage. Some cases may require you to just draw cards from your deck instead of going for an attack which will help you out in the long run. If you have one, then try it out in here since it is sure to help you on several occasions.

1-1 SEL: This Legend was actually part of the original list produced by Ross Cawthon at Worlds 2011 and proved to be quite the force when facing up against anything with a Fire based attacking front. At Worlds that year, there were a ton of Reshiram/Typhlosion decks out there which Ross caught on to and put this Legend in to counter just that. The deck already runs Rainbow Energy and Twins, so the attacks shouldn’t be too hard to set up and the Legend should be easily searchable. ‘Bursting Inferno’ is pretty much the only attack you want to be using here and only against Reshiram-based decks. What this attack does is, for a Fire energy and Double Colourless, 80 damage to the opponent’s Pokemon or 160 if you are any kind of Reshiram/Typhlosion/Emboar. Using this attack every single turn against a Reshiram deck will pretty much declare you the winner since they can’t OHKO you while you move and heal damage and you are OHKOing every Pokemon in their deck. Definitely include this if you want to completely destroy Reshiram decks in your area!

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  • Johnny Hall

    Love this deck myself. However the list ross used was different format. what I’ve done is add in 4th oddish so vilplume has higher chance of getting setup also using 4 candy due to the chance you can get both reuniclus and vilplume out same turn. Though I’m curious why ESL is not in the skeleton list? since it makes reshiram variants cry.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this.. And the lack of ESL is because this is the only page I haven’t quite finished yet. Will add that in, thanks.

  • iMB

    What about Blissey Prime? When playing this deck, you’ll see that just relying on Seeker to remove damage when it gets to much, isn’t enough. Just a thought you could put under techs.

  • Lam_kai_yi_a

    Blissey Prime?

  • Spectra Doom Occulta

    This deck’s is known as The Truth.