Announcing PokeClass Extra!

For those of you that haven’t already seen my episode to the end, or just haven’t seen the updates, I launched my new source of Pokemon TCG content, PokeClass Extra, yesterday.

This new section of the website really does open a small world of competitive Pokemon TCG knowledge. At the moment, I have an Interviews section which currently holds and exclusive interview with Justin Sanchez, the current US National Champion with an interview with Pooka (runner up) to come in the next few days.

The next section is one of my favourite parts called The Testing Zone. Clicking on this button opens up a complete library of competitive decks with information pages about each one. Each individual page will include stats about the deck, a skeleton list for each one as well as a breakdown of options and techs for running the deck.

This library is designed to help you to expand your knowledge on competitive TCG play as well as give you a kick-start into how to build and craft each one to your own style. It will act as a permanent resource for all of you out there either getting into the competitive world, or a veteran player looking for more options.

At the bottom of each deck page, there is a section where anyone can create a discussion about the options in the list and help to expand on the pages I have initially started. This system will hopefully, over time, give us an eventual complete library of everything competitive with it ever growing into future formats. I hope you like the resource as much as I hope you will and help to make it one of the best out there.

The last section is just a little store I’ve created with items and cards that are hard to find or are hard to get in a competitive sense. The store is open to everyone around the world, but is currently in GBP. Anyone outside of the UK willing to buy from me can still do so and Google Checkout will sort out the rest.

I hope you like all the extra content on the site and I hope you support the site as you have been already (over 1,000 views in a weekend!) and I’d like to thank you all for checking it out. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do and tell me what you think. Your feedback will keep this project going!

Keep checking back at the website and I’ll see you in the next video or around at the hub of PokeClass Extra!


Posted by at July 17, 2011
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