Introduction to the NEW PokemanDan.co.uk and a Plea..

Hello everybody and welcome to the long awaited launch of the BRAND NEW PokemanDan.co.uk! I thought I’d just give you a little bit of an insight on what changes I have made and where the site is (hopefully) going... Read more

PokemanDan’s First BR Report..

Hey everybody and I am back writing for this site after a fair while. I have been extremely busy recently with re-constructing the website to fill it with as much as possible and I have completed the design, all it... Read more
Serperior Ability BW

COTD – 29th September 2011 – Serperior BW

Today’s Card of the Day derives from our Black and White Base Set and actually caused quite a stir at US Nationals, when the format was still quite fresh. This card actually mirrors a Pokemon we had last format... Read more
Alph Lithograph 4 TM

COTD – 27th September 2011 – Alph Lithograph 4

Today’s Card of the Day is a rather strange one since it appears as a secret rare in the HS: Triumphant card and has a different appearance to the regular-looking Pokemon cards. This one is designed in a way... Read more
Electrode Prime

COTD – 25th September 2011 – Electrode Prime

Today’s COTD was released in the HS: Triumphant set and hasn’t really been considered for play at all in the competitive world until now and even so, it’s only in a few rogues. Let’s have a look at what... Read more
Cinccino BW

COTD – 24th September 2011 – Cinccino BW

Today’s Card of the Day has been taken from the Black and White Base Set where we find Cinccino as one of our rares. This card did well at Battle Roads when we had the awful MD-BW format, but... Read more
P! Logo big

Warning About Possible Wierdness..

Hey everybody, first off I would just like to thank all of you that visit this website every single day. My views are going up every passing day and all I can say is a huge thank you to... Read more
Noctowl HS

COTD – 22nd September 2011 – Noctowl HS

Welcome to Thursday’s Card of the Day, where we are going to look at a card from our HeartGold SoulSilver Base Set and that is Noctowl. At first glance, we can see a Colourless Stage 1 Pokemon with 90HP,... Read more

COTD – 21st September 2011 – Leavanny EP

Today’s pick for Card of the Day comes from our latest set, Emerging Powers and is the very green Leavanny. Now Leavanny actually appears twice in the set, so the one I’m going to be reviewing is number 7... Read more

COTD – 20th September 2011 – Weavile UD

Hey everybody, been badgering away on here making the new-look website today and I must say it’s coming along very nicely. There will be a load of new features along with huge updates to things like The Testing Zone... Read more